Any Pudding Wine In A Storm!

Do you think it was past its sell by date?

Do you think it was past its sell by date? (Photo by Wim Demortier)

C – I found myself at home last night, after a particularly stressful day, in the unenviable position of not having a bottle of wine in the house. I was forced to rummage in the darkest depths of the drinks cupboard that houses all those beverages that one is not too keen on (sporting, of course, my illuminated glasses). At the back of the cupboard I located a bottle of “Dessert Wine” purchased for Christmas lunch last year; a perfect accompaniment to the homemade Delia Smith Christmas pudding ; a sipping wine, not a tipping down your neck wine. I could only manage half a glass. It tasted a bit like cough medicine on its own; of course that could have had something to do with the fact that it had been open since last year!

Having tasted it and decided that, like Sheshe and me, it is a little past its best I need to purchase a new bottle for this year’s festivities. Can anyone recommend the perfect “Pudding Wine”?


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