We Definitely Need To Address This Issue!

Piling on the pounds!

Piling on the pounds!

S – Camilla and I went Christmas shopping today in an effort to get organised early. On the journey the discussion turned to the fact that we had both gained a little weight and definitely need to address this issue. This fact was further reinforced when we decided to try some clothes on in Zara – a big mistake. We looked like sausages stuffed into skins in the items we had chosen, which caused us to collapse in utter hysteria. We noted on departing that the changing room assistant (size 6 at a guess) had a look of scorn on her face which said, “What are these middle aged women doing in my changing room?” Having not learnt my lesson I tried a dress on in another store, that boasted those all round mirrors where you can see what you look like from behind – most unattractive; will not be doing that again until I have shed a few pounds!

On the way home I commented that I am worse off than Camilla as I think I have put on more weight. Camilla graciously said that she thought that, pro rata, we were pretty much in the same boat – uncomfortable!

I was keen to start our weight loss programme immediately but Camilla pointed out that there was no earthly point in trying to address this issue whilst in the midst of the festive season! At this point I received a timely text message reminding me of a birthday party I am attending on Saturday night, which is definitely going to mean piling on a few more pounds. So we have laid down the guantlet and set a date for the first of January to start the new regime. OMG! Will this mean giving up WINE!!!!!!


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