Don’t You Think This Is An Excellent Idea?

Everyday is full of surprises

Perfect for rummaging in the dark!

C – every day is fully of little surprises; exactly like the glasses I purchased a couple of weeks ago and which I will describe to you now. I purchased them whilst on a brief shopping trip with my daughter. On arriving at the shopping centre I realised, to my horror, that I had left my reading glasses at home. I could not contemplate a days shopping unable to see any price tags, so I quickly located two pairs of cheap reading glasses and the day progressed smoothly enough.

I have been wearing these new glasses for a couple of weeks now. I was on my way back from a quick trip to the shops and, whilst adjusting the rear view mirror, I noticed a bright white light shining upon the roof of the car (very strange). Following closer inspection I realised that the light was coming from my glasses, which I am in the habit of fixing firmly on the top of my head, as I only need them for reading. To my sheer delight I discovered my glasses had lights on either side, which I had not noticed before and had inadvertently switched on. Perfect for reading in the dark!!! When I purchased them, because I did not have my glasses, I did not realise they had this wonderful feature. This made my day as I knew I had another pair exactly the same at home (his and hers). I enthusiastically described the whole story to Pheobe on the way home from school. She seemed horrified at my excitement, groaning that they looked ridiculous and under no circumstances was I to be sporting them at the pending parents evening. So often it’s the little things in life that provide us with the most amusement and diversion.

The second highlight of my day came whilst listening to the local radio station in the car when picking Phoebe up from school. As you know, I am an avid Radio 4 listener. However, to keep the peace I agreed to switch to the local radio station. They were running a competition and the DJ asked the question ” What is it that twenty three percent of men have, but do not use?” A lady came onto the phone line to have a guess at the answer. Without hesitation or deviation she responded “INITIATIVE”. Sorry guys I am at it again, but I did laugh very much out loud. The male DJ was not very impressed with her answer and quickly moved on to the next caller!


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