Why Are We Waiting ?

Too many pairs of shoes but very proud she has got herself a job. (Photo by Alicia Hylton)

Too many pairs of shoes but very proud she has got herself a job. (Photo by Alicia Hylton)

C – whilst my daughter can be difficult like all teenagers, I am very proud of her as she has got herself a part-time job as a waitress at a smart gallery that is also used, in the evenings, for parties. However, this means she now has extra cash to spend which is eternally burning a hole in her pocket resulting in frequent shopping trips, preferably to one of those large shopping complexes.

I find that these excursions are a form of self imposed purgatory and not for the faint hearted. Hours are spent hanging around in “young people’s” shops. One of these shops (a very well known one which I am sure we are all familiar with) even insists on selling their expensive clothes in almost complete darkness. It is not uncommon to leave this particular store with what you think is a pink top, only to open your bag at home to find it is orange!

And, of course, never make the mistake of taking your eye off the ball and looking at the occasional item for yourself or you will hear your teenage daughter exclaim “Mum do you really need another pair of shoes”, conveniently forgetting the 18 pairs that are kicking around in their bedroom.

Whilst waiting outside yet another changing room, I find myself musing about mothers who recount tales of how much they love shopping with their teenagers. Have I done it again and missed out on some wonderful kind of mother daughter bonding?

Still, I am very glad that she is so keen to get out there and earn a bit of cash for herself – will have to just be patient and keep chins up!


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