Contraception – “The Pill” For Men

"The Pill" for men - can't see this working! (Photo by Michal Zacharzewski)

It stops sperm from being released from the body! (Photo by Michal Zacharzewski)


Camilla and I seem to have been berating the men folk in our lives a little lately. We both want to say that they have been very supportive of our creative writing, which is increasingly taking up more of our time. However, Camilla did hear some rather amusing facts on Radio 4 this morning which we just had to post; so sorry chaps but here we go again …

S – Camilla is cleaning today (Tuesday is her nightmare day with two and sometimes three cleans!). However, she does listen to Radio 4 whilst wielding her duster. She has just texted me to say that she heard an interesting discussion first thing this morning. Apparently, they now have medical evidence to prove that men and women’s brains are wired differently. Ladies, don’t you think that was a waste of time and money – we could have told them that!

10 minutes later …

Camilla has just called me to say that Radio 4 has provided a double revelation this morning. They have developed “The Pill” for men; it stops sperm from being released from the body! We both agreed that this is not going to work as we feel most men would definitely forget to take it (it’s hard enough for them to remember to put the bins out once a week). Would you trust a man to take charge of contraception using this method?


2 thoughts on “Contraception – “The Pill” For Men

  1. Suggested TV viewing, mind you it is fairly late. Masters of Sex Channel 4 at 10pm, Women know about and enjoy sex 40 times more than men, plus being more adept at it. 50% own a vibrator. This all makes men, just after one thing, the orgasm. Women do know all this, but tend to regress to the (silly) lovey-lovey bit. Suggestion for making lots of money, send to Anne Summers a suitably labeled bottled vibrator cleaner, for the prevention of STI’s (ask your Doctor for a good formular). Not that you, or your blogging partner would own such a device! Please, cut me in a share of the proceeds – maybe, I could do the bottling.


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