Feedback On Our Christmas Newsletter Post

Holidays - perhaps they are best avoided!

Holidays – perhaps they are best avoided!


Again a rather busy time with Camilla at the estate agents and me running around in circles with everything that is happening at the moment. We did, however, have some feedback on our Christmas Newsletter Post.

26 November 2013

C – Phoebe is still off sick. No idea what is going on with her. Have lost the plot this morning. Toby is swaning off to Brussels for a supposed networking trip, so that is just about the icing on the cake. PS: I had a text message from Helena in response to blog about “Christmas Newsletters”, it read:

Ha, ha Christmas Newsletters. Mine would say; This year my mother has gone gaga, my father has his head in the sand and my kids think money grows on trees – aghhhh. Loving the bit about George but you should have said, not only did he write the car off, but he dodged several panes of glass and a barbed wire fence!!!

Later …

C – had a funny conversation with a friend about going on holiday and how men always feel the need to have more sex when on holiday. She said that when she is away she wants to be on holiday from sex, not have more! My response to this dilemma was to not go on holiday and therefore avoid any expectations.


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