Life Is Not Always “Amusing And Diverting”

S – Camilla and I have been very busy over the last couple of days and have rather neglected our blog. Camilla has been asked, unexpectedly, to work extra hours at the estate agents due to sickness in the office. I have been rather preoccupied as my sister, who has a learning disability, will be moving in with us on 9 December. This has happened because the personal circumstances of the couple she lives with, under a scheme called Shared Lives, have changed. After a great deal of discussion with my family, and soul searching and red tape, my sister will be with us shortly. We will be able to access respite, should this be needed, so that will, I think, make the whole thing work. My sister is home this weekend and seems to be happy with the arrangements that have been made.

So, there are the reasons for our lack of input into the blog. Life is not always “Amusing and Diverting” but Camilla and I are not giving up on this project – so, onwards and upwards!!!


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