I Think Conrad Is Right!

23 November 2013

C – had a lovely cold shower this morning at seven, so invigorating – who needs those expensive spar holidays? ME!!!

S – why was shower cold. My bed is very warm and I am not getting out of it for some time.

C – water was hot but room not! Lucky you – how the other half live. Have put on so much weight in two weeks can hardly get trousers done up. Damn – need to address this issue. Fed up with being fat and 50 whatever.

S – yes, fed up with it too. Have a good day. At least you will be warm at the estate agent office.

C – had hideous start today – going down Coombe Valley Road I came across a car on it’s roof. A young girl had hit some black ice. Had to call the emergency services and flag down approaching cars, so was very late for work and a bit shaken. All I could think of was where is George, I hope he is ok. The girl was not hurt but in shock, a bit like me – it’s never dull. How are stats doing?

S – oh no, what a start to the day. 21 views by 2 visitors – most strange.

C – not sure this re Tweeting is the answer – need more information from the internet. I am also not convinced Tweets die after one hour.

S – I have just re Tweeted a post and spent loads of time today reading about Twitter but am none the wiser. However, I think Conrad is right and we need to harness it.


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