It Is The Little Things In Life At Our Age

Maybe tin foil would help!

Maybe tin foil would help! (Photo by kliverap)

22 November 2013

C – come to me to blog – be prepared, it is damn cold here. Just been into my bedroom to change the sheets and I am practically hypothermic. A thought came to me, where can you purchase some of that foil they wrap around marathon runners. Maybe I could wrap myself in some before sliding into bed. On second thoughts, the rustling would keep me awake. Bed socks and a balaclava could be the alternative; very sexy bedroom wear!

S – yes.

C – what do you mean, yes. Where is the witty repartee. Need to get these text messages moving forward – you are not allowed one syllable responses, ok.

S – sorry.

C – so you should be. It would be nice if the blog created a little revenue so that I can put the central heating on!

S – PS: I did notice that Phoebe had her radiatior on Number 4 when I went in to her room.

C – yes, I am in and out of there like a fiddler’s elbow turning it down. Just been into Toby’s office to get linen for the bed and it is like a brothel in there – sharp words were exchanged and lots of door slamming went on. I was unable to door slam when running the bed and breakfast, so it gives me great pleasure now. It is the little things in life at our age!


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