Why The Christmas Newsletter? Grumpy Old Woman Strikes Again!

Could we just stick to cards please? (Photo by Zsuzsanna Kilian)

Could we just stick to cards please? (Photo by Zsuzsanna Kilian)

C – I have been hauled over the coals by Sheshe for blogging about Christmas already and bringing the whole Christmas thing up, when we are still in the month of November. However, I like to be prepared, so my thoughts turned to Christmas cards. I found my Christmas card list in a draw and happened to stumble upon a “Christmas Newsletter” from last year.

Why do some friends feel the need to inform us annually, and in such detail, of their family’s achievements throughout the year and what their little darlings have been up to since last Christmas. These newsletters fill me with dread and are, more often than not, painfully embarrassing to read. If I were to pen one it would probably not contain quite such positive news! Mine would be full of teenage dramas and all manner of grief that has been endured during the past year (call me a synic if you must). I would call it “The Real Christmas Newsletter” and here are a couple of snipits from our year gone by.

We were so proud of George passing his driving test first time; what a shame he managed to write the car off within six weeks of this achievement!

Phoebe has begun to find her feet at her new school and we are enjoying her pushing the boundaries.

Do people truly think we are impressed with all the guff that we read when we open our Christmas cards and these newsletters flutter onto the breakfast table. Waxing lyrical about little Tommy or the wonderful holidays they have had this year, and the plans for the skiing trip in the New Year. Please just send us a card with a jolly greeting or, better still, scrub round the cards altogether and give the money to some deserving charity!


One thought on “Why The Christmas Newsletter? Grumpy Old Woman Strikes Again!

  1. SheShe is so correct the C word apart from cake should never mentioned before 18th December! If it wasn’t for posting cards I’d be happy with letting pass until the 24th!!!!?


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