Berating Camilla For Being So Negative

S – I have been berating Camilla for being so negative this morning. She did say that she had not had a good day yesterday and that, this morning, she did not have a positive bone left in her body.

My day has been better and we received a last minute bed and breakfast booking for three nights, which cheered me even further at this very quiet time of the year. My evening further improved as I was called “darlin” twice by one of the guests, and most definitely not in an offensive way. He was a very sweet young man, in fact I think young enough to be my son, and the comment just put a smile on my face. I managed to procure an iPhone 5 charger for him when he arrived this evening – he had inadvertently left his at home. Now we live in a very sleepy Dorset village with an average age of about 65, so this was quite a feat. For this achievement I received an “Oh, thank you darlin you are so kind”. So, with this comment ringing in my ears I trotted back up the lane to my house feeling that I was not such a “Grey Haired Old Woman” (as my children are fond of calling me) after all!


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