Whose Idea Was Secret Santa Anyway?

Whose idea was Secret Santa anyway?

Bah, humbug! (photo by Kym McLeod

C – I was faced with the dilemma of the Secret Santa this weekend in the office and have been struggling with the whole issue since. I have only been in the job for two weeks and thoughts are swimming in my mind like: Will I be judged by my new work colleagues as to the success of my purchase? What should I purchase for someone I do not know and have never met? The only information I have is gender and the amount of money to spend! Is this a test? What is the protocol for this situation? I think some serious research may need to be done before buying anything. I find myself wondering if people stick to the price limit or go over the top in an effort to impress.

The next dilema will, of course, be the Christmas meal. As a new employee I do not want to seem stuck up or stand offish by not going but could really do without the additional expense of spending money I have not yet seen on some dried up turkey and vegetables. I won’t even be able to have a drink as I will need to be on my best behaviour, and not put my foot in my mouth before I even really get it in the door, so to speak. No pressure then!

Sheshe and I had a team talk this morning. We decided that it will be some considerable time before that very much talked about, beautiful Shearling coat (in cream preferably), which is worn by several of the yummy mummies we know, is hanging in our wardrobes; however, all hope is not lost. Sheshe has the catalogue safetly in her grasp and she is most adamant that we will be ordering one each for our trip to the BBC. The conclusion of the team talk was that we should keep all chins up and our moto from now on is “nil desperandum”!! After much discussion about the fact that we still do not fully understand the theory of Twitter and Tweeting it was agreed that we should turn our attention elsewhere, for the time being, and have decided that:


Is this achievable? I quickly type the above sentence into google and press the search button. We wait with anticipation and within seconds the answer arrives on my screen. Five ways to get featured on freshly pressed – then the words “Savvy Writers” appears on the screen (this is definitely for us). We gather around the computer and read each step. We work through all five of them and feel that we most definitely tick all the boxes. Therefore, we agree that it is only a matter or time before we receive an email inviting us to indeed be Freshly Pressed.


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