We Have Over 1000 Hits!

17 November 2013

C – typical – was resting easy in my bed nursing slight hangover after party when the phone ran. It was Ruby, she has had a fall, has managed to get up but can’t walk very well now. May have to take her to hospital – can you hang on to Phoebe for me? 83 views on blog and very odd comment I have not had time to respond to due to emergency with Ruby! There is always a crisis when I have the opportunity to lie in my bed.

S – just got message, what are you going to do?

C – we are just watching TV and waiting for the doctor call.

C – PS: had a message from Helena it read: love the post – hilarious. Although I am slightly worried that the Manor House mother of the year with horrible child may find out who you are and sack you. (She does not know they have moved to the home counties).

Later …

C – Helena has called to say that she thinks the blog is great and she is following us avidly!

S – great!

18 November 2013

C – have Phoebe home with a cold and I am struggling with being a “model of serene confidence”. I think she could have struggled to school and I could not help mentioning a “lack of backbone” and using the phrase “in my day” – oh dear. Husband mentioned in passing that I was a hard woman and that I need to stop with the hair shirt thing!!! MEN. We have a follower called The Drunken Cyclist – I feel a pattern is beginning to emerge. I wonder if he knows The Wine Wankers.

S – I have finished clean – have you looked at blog?

C – we have over 1000 hits – can you imagine if we can buy wine that costs more that £4.99 a bottle. Have republished post about husband as having concerns about that one! What would it be like if we were able to give up the day job? May need to have a glass of wine.

S – wow, will sign in, in a minute. I can feel a shopping trip for outfits for BBC Breakfast Sofa, coming on. We have to keep the momentum going. PS: just pouring glass of wine!
Cheers Sheshe xxx


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