Bra Under Considerable Strain

All we need is a little self discipline, and no wine!

All we need is a little self discipline, and no wine!

5 October 2013

C – ok, I have sorted the Linked In will have a go at the other two. Can you ask Michael how we get the icons onto our front page to save all this grief? Just spent 30 minutes going round and round in circles on Tumblr – its impossible.

S – have got Michael interested in helping with blog. Think this may be necessary as he has expertise and time! He is just putting our “About” page in the right place so that it appears under our rather good photo.

C – good man. Yes we need that expertise although we have achieved lots and are not totally useless; it’s the tinkering that takes time. PS: hope you realise you may have to pay for Michael’s help in kind!

Later …

S – already had too much wine so will do photos tomorrow.

C – we really must address this wine consumption issue as I have put on so much weight. I can gauge this by the tightness of my bra which is under considerable strain; if the hooks fail I am in danger of taking someone’s eye out.

S – yes, definitely don’t want failure of hooks! Just making a mess of supper as we have stir fry but I do not have soy sauce

C – Bugger

S – Note to self: always remember soy sauce and don’t consume too much wine before dinner preparation.


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