Rather Like A “Guest Appearance” on Friends

We thought we could get rid of the stabilisers but we still need them!

We thought we could cycle with two wheels but we still need three!

S – we have now been blogging for a few weeks and some of our friends have asked if they can be included on our blog – rather like a “guest appearance” on an episode of Friends. They have even started choosing thier pseudonyms. Is it the lure of joining us on the BBC Breadfast Sofa or Loose Women that is causing this desire to be part of the action?

It has to be reported that we were a little lack luster and deflated yesterday, after the dizzying statistics we had achieved on Monday. The day before yesterday we were “cooking with gas”, “riding our bikes without stablizers”, “flying high”, “flushed with success”. All manner of doors and opportunities seemed to be opening for us. Then reality kicked in with a drop in views the next day.

However, on the plus side, the comments are starting to slowly trickle onto our blog; most amusing and very much appreciated. Thanks everyone, cheers Wine Wankers 🙂


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