Have Tweeted, Facebooked and Goolge +ed, But What On Earth Is Tumblr?

What other kind of Tumbler could there possibly be?

What other kind of Tumbler could there possibly be?


S – the texts that follow are mostly to do with starting this blog. It seemed to consume us and on re-reading the them I am not sure they could be classified as “Amusing and Diveritng” but we have posted some anyway.

28 September 2013

C – just had another excellent name idea for blog – Sheshe? Just met her.

30 September 2013

C – have Tweeted, Facebooked and Google +ed. It is so late but I have got the bit between my teeth. We just need that elusive picture next.

C – Text to Rich Baby: Hi Rich just wanted to update you on blogging situation. Obviously, I can’t reveal our new identity as I would have to kill you. We have successfully created Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo and Google + accounts. We have posted two blogs and had two comments and have two followers. A bit of a champagne (Moet is my favourite) moment. We decided to use WordPress as it seems to be more idiot proof.

S – just having a large G&T. The Australians brought a litre of Gordon’s with them. Find it helps one to stick to one drink, and avoid slide into full bottle of wine.

C – Mmm, fancy one of those myself. Damn, no ice or lemon. Need to have a drink to celebrate our entry into the world of blogging!! Have just checked Facebook and Twitter. It is all there, what clever girls we are!

1 October 2013

C – have had a look at blog this morning, no activity. Rich Baby said we need to look at something called Timblr, I thought that was something your put your G&T in! If you get a chance take a look.


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