Have I Metamorphosed Into My Mother?

Have I turned into my mother!

Have I turned into my mother!

C – just completed another torturous day pushing my trustee Miele vacumm cleaner around (top tip; this is simply the best vacuum cleaner on the market). I feel as if I have dusted, bleached and polished half of Dorset. Whilst carrying out all this cleaning, I found myself having a great deal of time to think and listen to Radio Four (my favourate part of the day is listening to Woman’s Hour). Jane Garvey I just love your voice, the clever questions you ask, your guests and the tactful way you get to the nub of those really difficult, personal questions – if you are reading our blog, we are free for interview anytime!!! I am consumed with juggling life, work, kids, animals and all things domestic. This musing has been brought about following the ususal row with my children to clear up their mess, do their homework and pick up the wet and dirty towels from the bathroom floor. I hear myself turning into my mother. Shock, horror, can this be possible; surely not. What happened to domestic bliss, long soaks in the bath with wine and candles, dinner for two and “chillaxing”, as my kids would say?


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