Yet Another Evening Spent In Accident and Emergency

George is in hospital!

George is in hospital!

3 September 2013

C – got a doctor’s appointment for George and Phoebe – will have to send Toby with them as I need to be at work. Why do I get the feeling that they may as well be by themselves as be with him?

Later …

C – Toby failed miserably – no antibiotics for Phoebe as throat not considered to be bad enough. George was seen again and given throat wash to gargle.(If you want a job doing well, do it yourself). I know, am banging on again, same old, same old. He is no better so we are now in Accident and Emergency as pain so bad I feel we need to do something. God forbid I should have feet up with wine in hand, watching Downton Abbey. Or as Ozzie Patrick calls it Down Town Abbey. 🙂

S – let me know what happens.

C – looks like he could be admitted as he has an abscess on his tonsils. Fortunately, the very young, obviously newly qualified, doctor noticed my frustration and decided to ask for a second opinion, so, at last, the abscess was diagnosed. Now waiting for the ENT surgeon to see him.

C – He has been admitted. I have had to rant and rave to get pain relief – at last doctor has given him liquid morphine. They are going to have to drain the abscess!!


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