Toby No Longer “Going Commando”

Toby no long "going commando"!

Toby no longer “going commando”!

S – Camilla has a very busy day today with three cleans, so I am at this blogging lark on my own. We have had some very kind and encouraging comments, with The Wine Wankers recommending we get our heads round Twitter. We do Tweet each post but know that this is not enough, so will be looking into Tweeting more often. I can’t believe that only just over a month ago Camilla and I didn’t know the difference between Akismet Stats and a Widget and we are now able to publish posts (and photos – which did elude us for some time) almost blindfolded!

Our families are starting to get a bit twitchy about the amount of time we spend on the blog and Camilla’s daughter was fretting last night that she may inadvertently find “Love on Line” and disappear with some new found man. Camilla was able to reassure her that there is no way she would be doing this, with the words “frying pan” and “fire” being bandied about. I am sure it will be a relief to our followers to hear that Camilla has managed to get some washing done and Toby is no longer having to “go commando”!

We had our best day statistics wise yesterday with almost double the amount of visits and views – the pressure is now on to keep this up and I have two full days at work tomorrow, so I think we may be burning the midnight oil in order to keep things flowing!


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