Loose Women!

I think I prefer the BBC Breakfast Sofa!

I think I prefer the BBC Breakfast Sofa!

C – I was chatting to Phoebe in the car (with my taxi driver’s hat placed firmly on my head) and not for the first time today. We were discussing the large visitor numbers to yesterday’s posts (for Sheshe and Camilla at least). The conversation turned again to our hopefully imminent invitation to sit on the BBC Breakfast Sofa. Phoebe’s faced screwed up as she groaned loudly and said “that we really need to get out more and set our sights higher”. Her suggestion was to get ourselves invited to appear on Loose Woman. Not being a TV addict, I thought this must be one of those American programmes like Sex In The City. “Oh no” I exclaimed sucking my teeth in, in horror, I don’t think that would be for us! Phoebe explained that it was a talk show and that the presenters were not, and I quote “just four, loose legged, ditsy, bimbos”. They are intellectually stimulating, free thinking woman. Oh exactly like us then, we will get along just fine.


4 thoughts on “Loose Women!

  1. I could nominate you for next series of Strictly or even better you could pick your wits against the jungle! At least that would get you a free holiday in Australia


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