We Need To Go Viral Like The Wine Advent Calendar

Could this be him?

Could this be him?

S – well, here I am at Camilla’s yet again. This blog has become an obsession and we are both now fixated by the Statistics Page. All domestic duties have gone to the wall – dirty plates and clothes scattered hither and thither. Camilla’s husband has admitted to “going commando” due to the lack of clean underwear – lets hope he doesn’t get rushed into hospital! I was chatting to my son, Jamie, this morning and I asked him if he thought we were rather sad in this blogging obsession. His view was that he sees this middle aged obsession as our “Unique Selling Point”. Camilla says what we really need is to go viral – what a shame this is not like a chicken pox party, where you all get together in order to catch it?

We have just looked at our newest Likes, Comments and Views to discover a like notification from a fellow blogger who calls himself “The Drunken Cyclist” – is there a pattern emerging amongst our followers? One of our other devotees is “The Wine Wankers” – this is an extremely well written blog and a mine of very useful wine recommendations. Keep it up “Wine Wankers”!


One thought on “We Need To Go Viral Like The Wine Advent Calendar

  1. LOL! I love the style of you two! And it’s great to see another multi-blogger blog working so well. We were recently encouraged to get onto twitter to spread our stories. If you properly get into that one you’ll never have a clean pair of undies again! Thanks so much for the reblog too. Oh, and watch out for The Drunken Cyclist, he can get a bit wobbly on that bike of his! 😉


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