Sitting On The Sofa Not A Good Idea

Must not do this again!

Must not do this again!

13 August 2013

C – just called the doctor to see if x-ray results are back. Apparently, there is a back log and it now takes at least two weeks to get results. Could be dead and gone by that time! What a state the NHS is in.

S – I am sure they would have contacted you if they were worried, or let’s hope so!

23 August 2013

C – thanks for your call tonight. Had a lovely dinner with George to celebrate his success.

S – what success? Did he do well in exams?

C – yes, he got into university – has been confirmed so the boy has done well, lets hope it lasts. He is going to defer for a year but is definitely going next year, and he has got some work experience.

2 September 2013

C – had to share this with you. Just resting on sofa (God forbid) and the phone rings. Some guests who stayed last week calling to ask if I found a child’s “princess” knife and fork set and can I send it in the post. Have heard it all now!!!

C – just going to give the sitting on the sofa thing another go, no doubt someone will have a crisis for me to sort out – will give it 15 minutes.

S – not sure that sitting on the sofa is such a good idea – you need to keep your finger on the pulse.

C – you were right, sitting on sofa thing not a good idea. Phoebe says she is in agony with throat because she has tonsillitis, as I keep telling the doctor who won’t give her antibiotics. George is really ill with it as well, but went to work. He has just phoned me. He was stopped by the police on the way because he was not wearing a seat belt. It transpired that his MOT is out of date so he got a £200 on the spot fine! Definitely not sitting on sofa again.

S – I told you that sitting around is for others – look what happens when you take your finger off the pulse.


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