Have Serious Concerns About My Husband’s Mental Health!!

George in hospital.

George in hospital.

5 September 2013

C – George home from hospital – very grumpy. And, oh joy, just going through car paperwork to find that the MOT on the Ford ran out in January. OMG men – that is his job – I do the rest!! Want to stab someone – need more wine – no hope.

6 September 2013

C – have serious concerns about my husband’s mental health. Having ranted and raved at finding car’s lack of MOT, I woke up this morning and asked, “what shall I do about the car today, darling”? He replied “Is there a problem with the car”. As I lay foaming at the mouth he said “Oh, I forgot”. Definite case of Alzheimer’s or is it just useless husband syndrome.

S – think it is the second.

11 September 2013

C – hi, hope your day is going well. Just at the Manor House. Hubby has been relocated with his job so they are moving to the Home Counties. House sold very quickly so move is imminent. Not really going to miss this particular clean.

S – hopefully you should be able to replace clean easily. We need to get started on blog.

C – let’s set a time and date. Can you e-mail me anything to look at?

S – yes, will send you stuff when I get home.


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