Sipping Tea Opposite The Loch

We had such a great time and thank goodness Andrea does white water rafting!!

We had such a great time and thank goodness Andrea does white water rafting!!

28 July 2013

S – cottage is excellent in lovely spot opposite a loch, it is raining but we did expect that, it is Scotland after all. How is Ethel?

C – sounds wonderful – lucky you. Yes, we had a lot of rain yesterday so Michael can relax and won’t have to worry about watering your pots. Ethel seems much brighter – she has a clean house and has given me the job once a week. Grand-daughters are visiting this afternoon so that is good. Are you mountain climbing today or bungee jumping?

S – children and Andrea are white water kayaking. I will be strolling along the bank and perhaps sipping tea.

C – excellent.

29 July 2013

C – hope you all survived white water rafting. At the Manor House for my sins. Children behaving badly, as usual. What is on today?

S – walking today if weather permits, oh and hunting for Sophie and Tilly’s wet suits. They left them by the loch and it is tidal. Sophie’s cost £80 and it has only been on her back once, hells teeth!

C – oh damn!

S – just sipping my tea and looking over loch – not raining. Trying not to gnash my teeth over wet suit – it is not the end of the world!

C – sounds wonderful, have a lovely day. Remember wine this evening will ease the pain of the wet suit.

S – I will.

C – Just telling Andrea about the Manor House – she is finding it very amusing.

Later …

C – Oh shit just been to doctors for blood test result. High reading for liver test – whatever that means? Questions asked about alcohol consumption and found myself lying about how much I am drinking – must cut back.

S – no wine tonight then. You can do it.

C – I will try. It is easy for doctor sitting there with massive gold and diamond ring on her hand and driving new Range Rover Evoque (which I saw her get out of earlier). She does no have to worry about paying the phone bill!!

S – don’t worry – we will be ordering our Range Rover Evoques if blog takes off and we ever find ourselves on that BBC Breakfast sofa!!!

30 July 2013

C – on second clean of the day – what are you guys up to?

S – just on ferry back from seeing Staffa and puffins on Lunga – amazing – weather amazingly good too.

C – the good news is they are all away at the Manor House so I will have a quiet clean tomorrow.

S – still on ferry – just passed a most stunning castle on an island.

C – would love to go to Scotland. Can we go together one day? We would have a laugh. We could go for a ride – would be great, especially if we could get Patrick to come – what fun that would be.

31 July 2013

C – rain and foggy today. No doubt you are sipping tea and gazing over yea loch this morning?

S – yes, yea loch looking jolly pretty and no rain. Scotland obviously place to be.

1 August 2013

C – glorious sunny day today, just at first clean. How is the loch today?

S – just left the cottage. No more sipping tea and looking at loch for me. White water rafting and then I will catch train from Stoke on Trent at 1906. Still, I am very happy I do not have to go to Alton Towers. Andrea is great doing that bit with the children – I definitely owe her!!!


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