How Regularly Should We Be Blogging?

C – Just discussing with Sheshe about how regularly we should be blogging. Sheshe suggested three times a day would be advantageous, if we ever want the cheeks of our bottoms on that BBC Breakfast sofa. I responded that bogging three times a day would be very time consuming in our busy lives and difficult to fit in, a bit like sex. This conversation drew my mind back to the Woman’s Hour programme I heard some weeks ago. Women of our age were talking about the fact that it is ok for men to pay for sex but very frowned upon if a woman does so. Women were commenting freely about their sexual needs when one enlightened listener e-mailed that she would happily pay for someone to have sex with her husband, thus saving her from yet another job. Please discuss.

We are having a few strange likes of our last post, in our spam box. If you remember it was entitle “Confessions of a Cleaning Lady” – maybe not the best of title. We seem to have attracted a few rather seedy characters. One reply in particular had my eyes out on stalks. It was entitled “15 Women Looking for Sex Only Relationship in your Immediate Area”. I panicked and deleted it permanently!! What sort of can of worms have we opened? Maybe there is something in the old adage “Sex Always Sells”. 


One thought on “How Regularly Should We Be Blogging?

  1. I find this to be very challenging. I find the quality vs quantity issue to be really challenging. There is no way I can a quality post out even once a day. On days that i try to put a couple of things out, I feel I am rushing them and not coming up with great or original stuff


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