Will It Be AA or Slimming World?

"I've got a strange smell in my kitchen?"

“I’ve got a strange smell in my kitchen?”

5 August 2013

c – ok, we need to set a date to start the blog and we need to write a sort of plan – maybe an introduction to the blog which we could put up to see what interest we may have. We need a meeting; not evening and no wine involved!

S – sounds good to me. We need to start blog and make some money, otherwise there will be no lunching and shopping for us when retired. However, not sure about no wine!

c – thank goodness for that, was trying to be strong. Thankfully, I have good friend who can guide me through.

6 August 20131

C – at last, doctor has examined me. She has no idea what is causing the pain so, after months of hanging about she wants me to have a chest x-ray and has referred me to the breast clinic. So next step x-ray department of DCH, lucky me. Hope all is well and your mum’s interment done and dusted

7 August 2013

C – just finished at the Manor House – little girl hideous as usual. She decided that the kitchen had a funny smell last week and is concerned that it is not clean enough. You could eat food off the floor. I did mention the compost bin which sits on the work top and has left over food sitting in it for days, in this heat, may be the root of the problem. This theory was dismissed. Is it me who is mad or everyone else?

S – sorry, just go text – poor you!

C – Am off to hospital for chest x-ray later – am in lots of pain today.

C – x-ray department bursting at seems – half to one hour wait!

10 August 2013

C – hi, just off to wedding. Have decided, after pouring copious amounts of wine down my neck last night and not being able to get my fat body into any clothes for wedding, that things have taken a turn for the worse and some kind of positive action needs to be taken. Will it be AA or Slimming World with Kitty? Of course I will have to drink today – it would be rude not to; but tomorrow we start!


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