How To Be A Model Of Serene Confidence!

On the British queue so perfectly!

Oh the British queue so perfectly!

C – On Tuesday evening we were invited to school for a presentation on “Helping Your Children Through Their GCSEs”. There was a crocodile of parents on the way into the theatre for this. Whilst queuing patiently to gain access I overheard another parent, who we will refer to as “The She Devil”, bragging loudly to another parent how they had struggled on their son’s behalf to fill in the Oxford and Cambridge University application forms, and the grades that were required to achieve their goal. I wanted to turn round and ask her if she could talk any louder because there were some parents at the front of the crocodile who had not heard! And, to boot, I know that the teachers at the school go to great lengths to help all students with their university applications!

Anyway, I digress; I really wanted to tell you about the evening. It was, naturally, very helpful as the school are most keen to enable all students to achieve their very best. However, there were some funny moments. Sheshe’s started before she left the house. When Jamie found out about the presentation he suggested that staying at home and opening a bottle of white would be a much more constructive way to spend the evening.

We were given some very useful tips. One of the best ones was the suggestion that, as parents, we aim to “Be a model of serene confidence” when talking to our children about their GCSEs and school work in general. We both felt that this was perhaps an unattainable goal (the bar may have been set too high).

We were asked by the presenter to come up with some strategies for ourselves in coping with the stress of the coming two years. Our little group took no time at all in identifying the only way of dealing with this aforesaid stress – one little word – it begins with “W” and ends with “E” – can it be counted as part of our five a day, I wonder?

In spite of all this our thanks must go to the teachers who stayed so late to give us some very good advice on helping our children through this stressful time.


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