Who Needs Home Clothes Day?

18 July 2013

C – OMG feel dreadful; have decided that I have a bad relationship with alcohol and cannot say no. Must not accept any invitations out as I cannot be trusted to behave well!

S – where did you go? I was good and didn’t have anything to drink, as stressing about liver scan I had yesterday.

C – Viva Lounge then Thai, food was great. Think I am going to expire in this heat!

S – I have big fan in my office, the size of a small tyre. Think the girl who was here before me must have slept with someone to get it.

C – Hell’s teeth – home clothes day tomorrow at school. There will be tears before bed time, mark my words.

S – just what I thought when I got the text message from THS but apparently we are fine. Going to wear dungaree shorts and crop top. Not sure that falls into appropriate school wear but I don’t care as long as I avoid home clothes tantrum.

C – it has started in my house, the dreaded home clothes tantrum – every item of clothing Phoebe owns is out and being paraded. She does not have any shoes to wear apparently – last time I kicked my way in the door of that bedroom I counted at least 18 pairs!!

C – oh and by the by I REALLY need a full length mirror in my room if I am hoping to make a fashion statement.


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