Girl’s School Blazers

Good grooming is always necessary for the long school day ahead.

Good grooming is always necessary for the long school day ahead.

S – Camilla came over early this morning to drop something off. It was 0645 and all eyes in our household were still firmly shut (she is an early bird and we are all bed huggers). She had to call from her mobile to gain access!! We were laughing over my two children arguing about the shower. Jamie, who normally scrapes himself out of bed at the last minute, had unusually decided that “cleanliness was next to Godliness” and leapt into the shower first. Sophie was jumping up and down outside the bathroom door banging loudly, as she needs at least an hour to prepare herself for the rigours of the school day, which can play havoc with one’s hair and makeup!

This brought us onto the subject of the girl’s school blazers (which seem to resemble some elaborate transformer, similar to those toys that transformed from monsters into cars, the afore said blazers transform into the most amazing multi-pocketed travel holdalls). These blazers contain every conceivable makeup accessory (including false nails and eyelashes, in case of emergencies), along with a phone, iphone, headpones and money. Each item is carefully compartmentalised for immediate and seamless access. On questioning, it appears that there is not one single pocket that can be spared for unnecessary items such as pens, pencils or rulers. Of course, carrying an uncool item like a pencil case would cause one’s “street cred” to plummet through the floor! (Don’t even mention the school homework diary that was left abandoned in the bedroom). What happened to short white socks, over the knee skirts and school hats? They don’t know how lucky they are.


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