Family, Friends and Sadness


S – there is a bit of a gap in the text messages now. My mother (who lived with us) was taken into hospital on 7 June, after suffering a stroke, and died on 16 June. Looking back, I think she was luckier than so many in that she was not really aware of what was happening.

Family and friends were so very supportive in those few difficult days staying with me in hospital, bringing food and, more importantly, a shoulder to cry on. My children were amazing and so very grown up, walking to the hospital after school to be with me and my mother. The messages sent to me during those days are very personal, so I have not included them. I have, however, posted below some of those sent after she passed away.

16 June 2013

S – hi Camilla. Mum died just before two this morning. Thank God I had you over these last few days, can’t imagine how I would have coped without you. Thank you so much. Speak to you later. Love Sheshe x.

C – so sorry but relived no more suffering for us all. When I am done I will come over and can do some phoning round for you.

S – hi Andrea and Lucy. Thank you both so much for your support over the last few days, not sure what I would have done without you. Sheshe x

Andrea – dear Sheshe – I am so sad for the loss of a lovely, lovely person but grateful for both hers and your sakes that her passing was calm and not too drawn out. You must feel exhausted both mentally and physically. She was a wonderful lady and our thoughts are with you all. Love from Andrea and family. xx

Lucy – a truly sad day. Thank you for letting me know. I’m glad she was peaceful and you were there when she needed you the most. A lovely grandma, we will miss her so much.

S – thanks very much.

Julia – so very sorry to hear the sad news about your lovely mum. Such fond memories. Thinking of you all, lots of love, Julia and family. xx

C – sleep well tonight I know the next few weeks will be tough but will get through them together. See you tomorrow.

S – thanks, we will be ok.

C – OMG I have run out of wine; will have to go to bed early, what a bugger!

C – don’t panic found some port – medicinal purposes of course – any port in a storm as they say.

S – absolutely, I find port is perhaps always the answer, I know Dad loved a glass or three.

17 June 2013

Rebecca – Sheshe, I am so, so sorry to hear about your mum. She was a really lovely person, a real character and she will be much missed by a lot of people. I hope you are as ok as can be, please shout if there is anything we can do. Thinking of you all xxx.

Jane – so sorry to hear it, I did wonder if she had rallied at last minute. Sorry about lateness of response. Went running last night and left phone in the car. Of course it ran out of battery and I couldn’t remember where it was so just found it again! Yes will let Trisha know and anyone else I think might want to know. How sad. Speak soon.

Gill – Lucy just told me you lost your mum. I’m so sorry for you all, she was always a pleasure to talk to, so lovely and sweet, very switched on and a good sense of humour! Sending you all best wishes at this very sad time, with love Gill xxx.

Both my parents were very good parents. Since my mother died, I have spent many hours telling myself that I should have done more for her, spent more time with her and listened more, in spite of the fact that she lived with us. Life is short – try not to have too many regrets.


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