Cherry Menlove – I Must Be Missing Something!

Does anyone's home look like this?

Does anyone’s home look like this?

S – Well here I am blogging at 0815 in the morning – I never thought I would see the day I would be doing that! We had our highest number of views ever yesterday (82) so, buoyed up by this success, I find myself at the keyboard already.

I have one child off sick from school this morning, Jamie. He has a sore throat – now a sore throat would never keep Sophie off school – she cannot bear the thought of missing any gossip. However, Jamie is completely different and relishes the prospect of a day in bed with a minor throat infection. I do get so cross with school absence (unless of course it is for a serious condition) and find myself using the usual “when I was young”, which I so hated when my mother said it to me. I also found myself pointing out that such a lack of backbone will not go down well when he is in the world of work! Is it just me or does anyone else gnash their teeth over unnecessary days off school?

We do have a few comments on our blog but really need lots more – please do add some. They come up on the side of the blog – we have not found out how to get them at the end of a post, like Cherry Menlove. Whilst on the subject of Cherry Menlove, she clearly does have an adoring fan base but I can’t see the attraction myself. I also have twins, a boy and a girl, but would not have felt inclined to plaster their photos all over the internet when they were at such a tender age. She is undoubtedly an inspiration to anyone blogging about daily life, but I cannot say that I have ever known anyone in real life to live in such a “perfect pastel world”. But hey, that is just my view and she is the one with the book deal, so who am I to talk – I must be missing something!!!

5 June 2013

C – have a good day – just off to the Manor House.

S – enjoy, I wonder how The Lady of the House’s weekend has been. Fill me in. Feeling good, weighed myself, have lost three pounds.

C – Wow, must have been that ride out on Saturday. When can we do it again? Just arrived and she is here. Both kids home – oh dear says me – no school today. No we are off to stay with grandparents. Imagine wasting those school fees. We have just had half term.

S – how the other half live.

C – Yes, however, if it is any consolation all the kids do is whine – I think she has made a rod for her own back.

S – oh well, makes me feel better. Sticky bun lady round in ten minutes and I have M&S prawn mayo sandwich – did not have time to make lunch.


C – oh shit, just realised I should be measuring my wee in a jug and keeping a diary of what I drink. Tricky one – they need to know how often and if I wee at night. OMG.

S – not something you want to record. Do you have to say what it is that you are drinking?

C – hope not. I need to go with full bladder. Damn that one to hell. At 50 plus I am too old for catheters – hells teeth!

Later Still…

C – just watched Pretty Woman for the first time ever and I sobbed and sobbed. Great film – anyone agree?

S – it is great but how can you be 51 and never have seen Pretty Woman? I watched it again last night for about the sixth time!!!


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