Unusually Great Monday Morning!

C – This has been an unusually great Monday morning, following an early phone call from an old friend from the antipodes. Always a treat to get a call from Ozzie Patrick early in the morning, he lifts my spirits with his jollification, love of life, the Royals and all things British. So many great memories and stories that make me laugh again and again. Ozzie Patrick you are the best tonic for any 50 plus lady struggling with mid life crisis. If only I could bottle that fun and sell it, I am sure I would be a millionaire by now.

Then to my surprise an invitation to lunch fluttered onto my mobile, (oh how I love the impromptu lunch invitation), from other very old friends, who are in the area visiting family. We choose to meet (on my recommendation) in the local Thai restaurant, which is, I have to share with readers always excellent and great value for money. Unlike the numerous food chains that have descended on our wonderful quaint (ok, some would say one horse) town, which only seem capable of serving pre-prepared boil in the bag something or other, and charge the earth for it!

Grumpy Old Woman strikes again to embarrass any teenage readers of my blog, if perchance they should stumble upon it, or tumble upon it, or pin interest it or instagram it. Good grief what a world we now live in when you cannot take your eye off the ball for a second before some new techno jargon appears out of nowhere, for one to grapple with. Sign in to, login into, think of yet another password, which goodness knows we have had to do a lot of over the past few weeks. 

In conclusion spirits in general were uplifted, only to receive a comment on our blog about “tits”, which regrettably are less than uplifted. The highs and the lows of bogging world, I suppose.


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