Where Are Those Keys?

Where are they?

Where are they?


C – Joy short lived – loss of keys not on George’s insurance but on husbands. So it looks like I will be digging deep into my pockets, yet again, to replace them. The only problem is that pockets are getting emptier by the minute!!!

4 June 2013

C – OMG, headlines in Telegraph – “Ladies Who Lunch Too Well”. Middle class women in denial over alcohol. Oh can’t be me I am working class.

S – can’t be me either – I am a carer in a sandwich!

C – had to take new bra off – it was cutting me in half. Have washed it in the hope that it will stretch! How are you getting on with yours?

S – I am afraid I have had the same problem but I am sure they will stretch given time and washing!!


4 thoughts on “Where Are Those Keys?

      • Oh dear, I’m sorry. Maybe this will get me off the hook? Where does, ‘a bit of a tit’ come from, I feel like that? Tithonas – Every day, when Helios drove his wonderful horses and his fiery chariot across the sky, it was Aurora who opened the gates of pearl and drew back the dark curtains of the night; for Aurora was the goddess of the dawn. She was so beautiful that the whole sky flushed pink with pleasure when she appeared in the east. On the earth lived a mortal called Tithonas, who was so in love with Aurora that he never missed the dawn. In return (after a long story) Aurora could not bear to see him withering away getting decrepit, for he was a mortal. She (Aurora) turned him into a cricket, where he (on earth) was free and active again, chirping in the fields, every dawn, cheerfully to Aurora.


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