Fifty Shades Of Beige (Grumpy Old Women)

Whatever happened to customer service?  "Grumpy Old Woman" strikes again!

Whatever happened to customer service? “Grumpy Old Woman” strikes again!

C – A very poor night’s sleep was had tossing and turning, with images of myself spread eagled on the pavement next to sports car, flashing through my mind. Yesterday was my first official day at the Estate Agents. I did, in the end, manage to heave myself in and out of the sports car without showing myself up. The very nice young man, whist admiring my waxed country jacket, did say that his mother had one exactly the same – I did feel rather matriarchal, yet again. The day was most enjoyably viewing very expensive and luxurious properties, however, I had to take issue with the condition of the cups, the kitchen and general cleanliness around the office – is this me reverting type (once a cleaning lady always a cleaning lady!). I am a big fan of Location, Location, Location (and of Kirsty and Phil, of course) so I have been trying to pick some tips up from them.

I am not so fond of Currys, however. My daughter’s very old TV has broken. I bought a new one for her today from Sainsbury’s. However, when we got home the cable from her old TV did not fit. I went to Curry’s to purchase what I was assured would be the correct cable and was served by a very churlish young man. My daughter has just tried to attach this new cable and it does not fit. Phoebe is now ranting and raving and nashing her teeth and Currys is shut, so I cannot return there until tomorrow to rant and rave myself!!! If the churlish young man does not resolve this situation I will be shoving that cable where the sun does not shine, so he had better hope it is his day off! “Grumpy Old Woman” strikes again. On reflection, maybe I should not be so aggressive, but it has not been the best of days today, and has been topped off with the news that George has lost both sets of his car keys and has had to call the AA out. The only light at the end of the tunnel is that I have extra cover for lost car keys – oh joy!


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