Just Watching Antiques Road Show

Just Watching Antiques Roadshow

Just Watching Antiques Roadshow


S – I am really no where near as good as Camilla and this writing lark but I will give it a go as she is at the Estate Agents today grappling with the bucket seats in the sports car of the young man who is showing her the ropes! I am sure I will hear all about it later. We have started concentrating more on our Facebook page and are trying to get friends to follow us and put links in their Time Lines. We would like more comments so please do write some, and any constructive criticism would be very welcome.

28 May 2013

C – Just watching Antiques Road Show. That bloody Fiona Bruce is looking amazing and has a lovely dress and cardigan on. She is so slim.

S – yes and so smily!

C – my husband never fails to astound me. He just asked me if the kids are on half-term this week. How can you live with two kids still in full time education and ask that question. I want to stab him.

S – try not to do that however annoying he may be; you could end up in a lot of trouble.

C – I will be throwing him out on the proverbial ear if socks are not pulled up – men.

29 May 2013

S – Just got fitted for new bra. You need to see the bra lady in M&S – she is a wizard!

C – ok will take your advice, thanks. Mine need scaffolding – did you notice any while you were there?

30 May 2013

C – another day another dollar – five hours cleaning ahead – don’t know if I can stand it.

S – are you at Manor House?

C – yes, just arrived. All in bed asleep. House looks like a bomb has landed. How hard it is to unpack the dishwasher? Hey ho – how the other half live.

1 June 2013

S – Have been sporting new bra and I have noticed that my boobs are looking much perkier – result!


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