Secret To A Long And Happy Marriage

Will this have them eating out of our hands?

Will this have them eating out of our hands?

11 May 2013

C – headline news – carers should be checked for depression by GPs.

S – yes, I heard that but I don’t have time for depression.

C – just checked hospital appointment – it is on 10 June – a Monday. Got change over. A quick scan of letter talks of catheter to urine passage and back passage and can take up to one hour – oh how I am looking forward to that, not. Am sure I will not be able to do change over at house. May also need transport to and from hospital – can you help please?

S – yes, can help with transport and at house.

16 May 2013

S – secret to a long and happy marriage. An old woman was sipping on a glass of wine, while sitting on the patio with her husband, and she says “I love you so much I don’t know how I could ever live without you”… her husband asks “Is that you or the wine talking?”… she replies, “It’s me, talking to the wine”.

C – definitely LOL at that one!

20 May 2013

S – how are you this morning?

C – cleaning at Manor House – no sign of the lady of the house – she must still be away. He has even done washing.

S – OMG, what has she got that we haven’t.

C – younger and thinner, sadly. Got to go to town 1230 if can you escape?

S – can’t as having hair dyed. Will be blond bombshell by tonight so just have to get skinny! (who am I kidding).

C – PS: lady of the house wears a g-string; maybe that’s the answer.

S – well that’s ok but I think my bottom is a bit flabby for a g-string – it might disappear in the folds! However, I think you would be fine with your slim derrier.

C – she has been buying new jeans – Made In Heaven £160!!

S – will have to look those up on the internet.

C – you can look but you can’t afford to buy.

S – yes, but just being nosey.

C – just emptied bin – full of Costa Coffees, etc. Nothing organic; when the cat’s away as they say. Maybe I should give up cleaning and become private dick stalking people’s hubbys?

S – being private dick would be more interesting.

C – yes, anything would be more interesting than cleaning. Just making bacon sandwiches; my son is working hard on his assignment – it can’t last.


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