Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day

World has come to an end!

World has come to an end!

S – well we now have 31 followers – a bit of a way to go before we are asked to sign up for the Book, Film and Play but, as IT guru Rich Baby said, “Rome wasn’t built in a day”. Along with our cleaning tips we are thinking of adding wine recommendations to our blog as we have extensive experience in this area! Would anyone be interested in this?

Talking of wine, Camilla has been busy helping one of her ladies with a stubborn wine stain on her new, and rather expensive, cream John Lewis carpet. The lady’s husband spilled an entire glass of red wine on it and also some of the surrounding soft furnishings! Needless to say he was banished to the naughty step for some considerable time. It must be a day for calamities as Camilla’s son, Jamie, has lost his mobile phone so life has come to an end in his world! Oh to be young and a lost mobile phone to be one’s only concern!


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