Hell’s Teeth, My Kids Think Joan Collins From Snickers Advert Is Younger Than Me!!!!!

Having Fun At The Dentist

Having Fun At The Dentist

24 April 2013

C – how is life in the office?

S – sorry, phone was on silent. Very quiet, will type up a few text messages.

C – OMG feel like I have been hit by a bus, never have a root canal filling – so much drilling, then they say, when you have a mouth full of ironmongery, “we want to take an x-ray, put this plastic thing in your mouth and bite it”. Thought I was going to throw up. Anyway, feel the need for wine already. As I lay in that dentist’s chair I thought I am falling apart – there is always someone prodding or poking one end of me or the other. Hell’s teeth!

26 April 2013

C – been back to dentist who has given me penicillin as she thinks all the work may have caused an infection. It is better today so let’s hope I do not have to have it out. Back still agony. Oh and one dead ewe this morning and Toby, as usual, has lost his phone en route to Split. God help me – thank goodness George is organised like me and looking after his father on the trip.

C – just been up to house – lovely folk but hoards of kids, babies and toddlers; it will be filthy and stinking of nappies. Looking forward to seeing you there – bring some Marigolds is my advice!

S – just seen our punters. Charming older couple with grown up kids so should be fine – no vomiting in the sink!

2 May 2013

S – I think I have a problem as I find myself already looking forward to a nice glass of chilled white wine and I have not left work yet.

C – me too – it is called alcoholism, I think everyone should have an “ism”?

7 May 2013

C – Just reading in paper that you now have a title – the sandwich generation who juggle work and family life with caring for elderly parents. We need to come up with a plan like Mums Net – that woman has made shed loads of money.

S – yes and what is it exactly? Just off for jog, or walk in my case.

C – It is a discussion forum for parents. Happy jogging.

S – how about Menopausal Net.

C – brilliant idea – Google it to check no one had done it already.

S – ok.

C – just opening wine – first sign of menopause – can’t keep hands off it – I mean the wine.

S – have had two dry days after over indulgence on Saturday. Don’t think I can take a third.

Just been discussing adding an image to our post and I mentioned that my kids love the advert for Snickers (used to be called Marathon in my day) with Joan Collins – they asked me it she was famous and were amazed to know her age but they both heartily agreed that she looked younger the both Camilla and me.


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