OMG It Vibrates

19 April 2013

S – thank you so much for dropping off kids whose names I can’t even recall. Michael upstairs hoovering, as Sophie is hyperventilating about grass in her room.

C – No problem, just watching Antiques Roadshow – not keen on that presenter, she is so pretty, skinny, thin and, I am sure, rich.

S – I agree – far too smug – bet she has 3 figure income

S – oh crap – too much to drink should have said 6 figure income.

c – get to bed only safe place in our condition.

S – just on my way.

C – sleep well – tomorrow is another challenge for old people of 51.

S – OMG; how can we be 51.

23 April 2013

C – Thank for telling me about whiz bang iron at Lidl for a bargain price – I have got it. What sad person gets excited about an iron? Is this what my life has come to?

S – well done – hope it is good. Will you be home in an hour or so.

C – yes – pop in – I will be picking up Phoebe as usual.

S – ok, see you later.

C – OMG it vibrates! Heavenly!

S – are we talking about the iron here?

C – yes it is brilliant.

S – good, I am so glad you are pleased with it.

C – sadly, the highlight of my day. George has taken to his bed. I am thinking girlfriend may have given him the elbow.

S – oh well, it may be for the best.

C – yes, guess what my iron has an LED display – how cool is that – ha ha.

S – yes, but it is an iron. Not exciting in my world. Now if it was a necklace or a pair of shoes?


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