Jamie Oliver – Aiming High

pasta jarPhoto0062

S – as you will have noticed from our texts it was my birthday in April. I was given some very nice Jamie Oliver wine glasses by Camilla, you may remember that she has that lovely Jamie Oliver Pasta Jar that I was most envious of. You will have gathered that I am a bit of a fan of Jamie and my kids are always teasing me about this, using words like “Cougar”. However, the Jamie Oliver wine glasses have not fared very well – they have stained very badly in the dishwasher. I was also given some tumblers at the same time as the wine glasses and they are still looking great, and have also been in the dishwasher. Well, Jamie, if you are reading this blog (ok, I do realise that there isn’t much chance of that but you have to aim high), please note the quality of your very attractive wine glasses was not good.

C- At last I have managed to add the elusive picture of the JAMIE OLIVER PASTA JAR, truly a Champagne moment. (ok, no champagne in the house so wine instead). Sheshe will be impressed by this as its has taken weeks to achieve, with the help of a grumpy teenager, and lots of teeth sucking and comments like “old people just don’t get IT”. However, together we have got this beauty on our blog, so proud of myself. Ok, and grumpy teenager. Thanks for your help Phoebe.


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