By Popular Demand!

Camilla's tools of the trade

Camilla’s tools of the trade

C – By popular demand from one of our loyal followers we have been asked to pass on some of our handy cleaning tips, a bit like Aggie and Kim. I have often been heard to crow that “I have the equivalent of a first class honours degree in cleaning”, sadly due to the amount of time I have spent doing it. Today’s cleaning tip is how to clean your windows perfectly. Purchase any window cleaning product, shake well and apply evenly to glass. Scrunch up newspaper and rub off all the window cleaner thoroughly. Stand back and admire your handiwork; smudge free windows every time. A quality news paper such as The Times or The Telegraph always achieves better results!!! Watch this blog for more cleaning tips. Please let us know if you find them useful.

We have been neglecting the cultural side of life lately, largely due to the demands on our time since entering the “Blogging World”. One of the ladies I “do for” suggested a visit to town to see War Horse. We thoroughly enjoyed it and would recommend it whole heartily, it kept us on the edge of our seats all evening; a great production all round –


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