Have Listened to Such Plays on Radio 4

2 April 2013

C – hi how are your today? Glad to be back at work, I bet. So cold last night, poor Toby is still sleeping in the truck because sheep are still lambing, and lambs are still dying like flies in this weather. It must warm up soon?

S – bloody cold. Sophie having good time. Jamie in room as usual, can’t seem to get him out. Driving me mad though not sure why, maybe should just let go.

C – not an easy decision. I would feel the same and be prizing him out but the question is to do what? They are all different.

S – yes they are and as he so eloquently pointed out he does do fencing, tennis, CCF, Biotech and Formula One at school in term time, so maybe he has a point. Do you need any help with lambs this afternoon?

C – yes, that sounds good will be home by 2.15pm then will go up to field. Wrap up warm, hat, gloves etc.

S – be with you at 2.15pm.


S – am knackered after all that fresh air. Just off to bed with glass of wine.

C – know how you feel. Have been slaving in the kitchen as everyone comes in at different times. Scrapped the curry, have been doing the full English – feels like a greasy Joe’s café. George showered and off to Glastonbury. He will be back by eight in the morning. Toby looks so tired. Need to have Phoebe at riding lesson by eight tomorrow, then cleaning. Really need a holiday. Sleep well. Thanks for help today.

S – can’t believe that George has to be back by eight or that you have to be at riding lesson at eight. Get to bed!

C – got a pile of ironing that has been here for weeks. Got to get it done. Can’t look at it any more. Why can’t my mother do it for me?

S – yes she could do it no problem instead of resting in the conservatory!

C – she will outlive me.

S – there is that possibility.

C – LOL as the young say. We need to put these in our book will make great reading. Will have to use pen names as do not want mothers to know it’s us. What pseudo name will you be?

S – have been trying to think of one. Have already started book at work. Will plod on with it when it is quiet. Have not told Michael as I am sure he will think I am bonkers.

C – not bonkers. Have listened to such plays on Radio 4. It will be a winner, trust me. Keep typing it – real life and strife, that’s what people want.


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