Wrinkles Have Doubled Since I Last Looked


S – I realise I have not written a “preamble” for a while. I have noticed that our texts are giving the impressions that we both drink rather too much. Well, I suppose officially we do but we are not “drunken old women” as Camilla’s daughter was heard to say. We just generally have a glass or two at the end of the day. I do believe one of our more famous blogging inspirations mentioned “reaching for a glass of vodka at the end of a stressful day” so I think we are not alone!

9 April 2013

C – hi how are you? What are you up to today? How are things in the house?

S – not much – Sophie off to town until 3.30pm. House ok I think. How about you?

C – cleaning as usual. Girls want to ride so need to organise that. They ride I walk – what fun after four hours cleaning. No punters in house this week – new ones on Friday. Lovely weather – not.

S – how was ride. My mother has just announced that she is going to drink less as she has put on weight and I should also as I am getting a tummy, to which I replied that I am 50 and have had twins. I think I will open a bottle. Will be all the more for me.

C – Oh no. Was just feeling desperate for a drink as all very stressful today. I feel like saying stick a broom up my arse and I will sweep the floor on my way round. Had a few glasses the night before last and was accused by my daughter of being a “drunken old woman”. My mother is no better, complaining that she has not seen anyone all weekend.

9 April 2013

S – well big question is do we drink tonight or not?

C – it is no good – I have to have a drink. It is too late anyway as I was just reaching into the fridge as the phone was dinging – life is too short. Yes to drink I say.

S – just reaching into fridge myself.

C – cheers! I feel an early night coming on.

10 April 2013

S – only me. Just looked at myself in the mirror and wrinkles have doubled since I last looked. Skin in dyer need of re-hydration due to excess alcohol consumption. Luckily eyesight fading rapidly so will soon not be able to see all the extra damage! Hells teeth! PS – am texting without glasses so lots of misspellings

S – best to avoid mirrors (and possibly glasses) if one can.


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