Desperation Has Set In

Desperation and despair are the order of the day.  We are at the point of offering sexual favours to our IT Guru, Rich Baby, as we cannot get our heads above the parapet of our Facebook URL error.  We have entered the unknown word of Stumble Upon (without even a glass of Chardonnay clutched in our hands) and have not a clue what on earth it has to offer anyone. Needless to say we have not achieved the “Tech Savvy” status of our blogging inspirations Pamela Redmond Satran and Cherry Menlove

The afternoon started badly with a miscommunication over whose house we were meeting in; I was at Sheshe’s house and she was sitting in mine.  After two and a half hours we have achieved the total sum of bugger all.  No change there then and no picture to show either. Awaiting text message form Rich Baby to find out how desperate he is to assist two sad middle aged birds in distress!!!!    HELP.


One thought on “Desperation Has Set In

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