I Want That Jamie Oliver Pasta Jar !!!

13 March 2013

C – Really fed up with cleaning the enormous town house. Told her I am sick today so can work on interview – can’t face the shit hole this week.

S – How is it going? I am finishing at 2.00pm as house is a tip and Spanish student arrives at 5.00pm. If you are desperate could come over for an hour to help with interview preparation, before going home to muck out house.

C – Would be great but am stuck waiting for blacksmith who was supposed to be here by 1200 but still waiting. Also got problem with water softener at house so need to meet man at house at 2.30 to let him in so he can fix it. Am getting more and more nervous; can’t type at all now, so need to stop – it’s all a joke. Would not mind wasting time at stables if I could ride the bloody thing – all a waste of time and money neither of which I have in abundance – hey ho as they say.

S – Will go home then. I am sure you will be ok. Just keep calm.

14 March 2013

C – This is it, into the lion’s den, how I hate all this crap, just spouting sentences they want to hear is no indication of my ability to do the job. No wonder they get it wrong so often. PS: could do with a fag and large glass of chardonnay. Hope all is well with you and that the Spanish boy is ok.

S – Good luck, keep calm and remember you are better than the others.


S – Have drunk best part of a bottle of wine. Thought all was ok only to find Sophie morose in the bedroom as she has “got nothing to wear” tomorrow. When we spoke did I say Sophie fine about home clothes day – I lied.

15 March 2013

C – Did not read your last text till this morning and how it cheered me up, as Phoebe just the same – stomping around nashing her teeth and complaining about the lack of Hollister and Superdry items in her wardrobe!

16 March 2013

C – What are you up to today – am sure you told me last night but had consumed too much wine to remember?

S – They are all catching the train at 1130am to go shopping if Phoebe wants to go.

C – See, I had, had one too many; now I remember – will bring Phoebe to the station for 1130 – see you then.

17 March 2013

C – Thanks for today am still laughing about the dance of the seven towels – hope you are still chuckling about the donkey in the Austin car, great to remember those times – was funny. Thanks for dropping Phoebe, see you next week, hope change over is ok.

C – So chuffed with my Jamie Oliver Pasta Jar, now filled with spaghetti – looks great, what a bargain – well done TKMaxx.

18 March 2013

S – Just got both your messages, left phone in car. I want a Jamie Oliver Pasta Jar!!!


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