Golden Rule Broken Already

Okay it's apple juice but the best we could manage at this stage!!!!

Okay it’s apple juice but the best we could manage at this stage!!!!

S – ok, we are breaking our golden rule already. Drinking wine and blogging (it is Saturday evening, after all). Sent message to Camilla earlier today saying come blogging and bring wine. One excellent piece of news is that we now have a Yahoo account. Heaven knows what we did wrong before but we seem to have done everything right now. Next up is attaching Google Analytics to our website; I think this might be some technical term for foreplay but, not being an IT guru, I could be wrong. Camilla grappling on laptop with icon named “Freshly Pressed”; hovering over the icon (as one would do on a strange lavatory) she is informed that it is “Hand Picked Highlights From The WordPress Editor” – she does not know what this is but is wondering if her ironing will be done when she gets home (pigs might fly). Camilla was listening to Radio 4 and heard a successful blogger say that she never lets her blogging impinge on her family life. Our blogging seems to have taken over our lives completely and in our case it seems to be the family who are impinging on our attempt at successful blogging (what happened to our me time!). We have tried to upload a photo of a bottle of wine (just to make things a bit more interactive). Needless to say we have failed so bugger the bottle of wine – we will have to publish as is.


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