Why Haven’t I Got A Shearling Coat?


S – Camilla has been very productive this afternoon and has got cherry gravatar (this stands for Globally Recognized Avatar – we are so getting into the tech talk!) onto Google +. Rich Baby is being very supportive and think we are feeling more positive about blog today.

7 March 2013

S – Has Toby heard anything yet?

C – No news, contracts have not been renewed so could be redundant by June.

S – Will have to start that book. Jamie thinks it is a good idea and likes the title. Needs to be a bit like Bridget Jones Diary but for the 45-50 age group. There are lots of us!

10 March 2013

S – How are you holding up this Mother’s Day – I have virus kids had. Hopefully be ok tomorrow for clean.

C – Oh no, poor you we are done and dusted – mum hideous as usual with the me, me attitude. Toby forgot about Mother’s Day so therefore so did the kids – not so much as a card for me but I still cooked full roast lunch for nine. Just off to do nags, same old. Hope you are ok tomorrow.

S – Should be ok as virus started on Thursday. Come over for a drink if you can face it but understand if you want to keep away. OMG Full Monty for nine – you are a saint.

C – Will not come over as had a bit to drink; only way to get through lunch, so should not drive really. Will have to get lift to stables.

S – Just about to totter up stairs as had too much to drink (as usual) and kids have not done homework. Have been nagging them all day to do it. Thought I might watch “Shetland” but can’t understand a word – accents too strong – or maybe it is the drink.

C – No it’s the accent, I am struggling with it too although have had too much to drink also. Sleep, will see you at 1000 – will bring cream cakes.

12 March 2013

C – That bloody Williams woman has just pulled up beside me at Waitrose in her 4×4 fuel guzzler, so bloody thin and rich, there is me with my Waitrose essential egg mayo sandwich cos do not want to spend £3.75 on the hosin duck wrap I really fancied – oh joy I am sure I was meant to be rich and thin.

S – You sure were. Egg mayo not so good. Did same thing myself.

S – Can you believe it. Am at school waiting for Jamie to finish fencing. Just seen that Williams woman in her beautiful shearling coat. You are right too thin and too rich.

C – cow!


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