Toys Out Of The Pram Today

C – We have been a bit like headless chickens today.  A few negative comments from nearest and dearest who should know better – we were very near thowing in the towel.   However, we now have cherry gravatar on Twitter and we have Tweeeted.  Unfortuanately, Yahoo account has been locked due to our failure to remember our username/pasword – feeling at low ebb – even resorted to reading horoscope which only do under the most desperate circumstances.  It said and I quote “you will not be your sparkling self today” – UNDERSTATEMENT I THINK!  Positive vibes from Rich Baby (IT Guru) with comments like, Rome was not built in a day and get over your sad self.  Has forced us to gird our loins once again and face the torture of the blogging world.  Let’s hope tomorrow is a better day.  Now we have got to try and upload that bloodly picuture of a chicken!  As expected Chciken Picture not it right place – not even sure it will be there at all when we hit the publish button.  Rich Baby where are you?


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