Thank God For Woman’s Hour

27 February 2013

S  – Just got in to work. No one here except me – heaven.  Smoked salmon sandwich for lunch.  What more could you want, I ask.

C – Nothing.  I am in hell hole that is the enormous town house; it looks like a bomb has gone off – lazy cow.  Note to self – in future only clean, clean houses – double income no kids, or pets.

S – Oh and forgot – also have cuppa soup.  Yes you definately need to replace that clean. 

C – I must advertise, keep thinking am going to be offered a nice cushy job like yours and have smoked salmon sandwiches and cuppa soup for lunch and be warm all day. 

S – Oh, I am sorry but hey I am getting less money and only have smoked salmon because of profligate husband who should know better.

2 March 2013 

C – Thought you might like this!!!  Texting for the over 40’s and 50’s.  The kids have all their SMS codes like WTF, LOL and PMSL, etc.  (Just found out what PMSL means – I do that all the time with my unfortunate medical condition). So here are some codes for the more mature: 

ATD = At The Doctors

BFF = Best Friends Funeral

BTW = Bring the Wheelchair

HGBM = Had Good Bowel Movement

WTL = Where’s The Lubricant

ISMA = I’ve Soiled Myself Again

WTHMT = Where The Hell’s My Teeth 

So come on you oldies get with it!

S – LMFAO – just found out what that one means. 😛  

6 March 2013 

C – Good morning, how I hate Melvin Bragg In Our Time on Thursday mornings – too high brow for me.  Good news always comes with bad I find.  No time to bask in achievement for long.  The good news is that George has an offer from Manchester and Glasgow.  The bad news is that Toby has a meeting with his boss and he thinks he may be made redundant, as no sign of a new contract.  There goes that rug again right out from under my feet, up on my ass.  Hope your day is better.

S – George must be very pleased – well done him.  OMG re Toby.  Not sure what to say. Is it definite?

C – Yes, I am pleased but worried about the cost of uni, still must remind myself that it should all be worth it.  Re Toby, not definite got to wait till I hear from him later, hells teeth.  Me, texting from the edge again.  Thank God for Woman’s Hour!!


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