This Blogging Is Not For The Faint Hearted


It has been agreed that prior to posting our exciting (?) texts we should give a short preamble into our less that perfect lives and relationships!  I hope you will bear with us. 

Sheshe works in an admin post and, as you can see, her time is not fully taken up by her work, although she says it is just because she is a fast worker – therefore Sheshe’s job is that of scribe as opposed to scrubber (ie cleaning lady), which is the role Camilla finds herself in at present, through no fault of her own.  She is desperately trying to claw her way out with the help of her best friend Sheshe, who gives her the heads up by searching the Internet in work time for more fruitful employment.  Camilla has had several interviews and was heard to say “always the bridesmaid never the bride” after the last fiasco, which we will write about later! 

As you will see, the texts start early this year.  Sheshe has been compiling them in her “spare time” and between hot flushes, in a bid to keep her sanity.  We have both reached the age where those irritating ladies medical issues rear their ugly heads! 

The two of us also have a toe in the tourism industry but, for reasons of confidentiality, we will refer only fleetingly, and when in a crisis situation, to this part of our lives through our text messages from the edge.

22 February 2013

S – Think we are no longer contagious.  Sophie has a bit of a cough but that is all if you are around for a cup of tea.

C – Yes please, just back from riding will have some lunch then come over.  Do you fancy a walk if I bring the dogs? 

S – Great, sounds good. 

C – On my way.  

21 February 2013

C – Not sure if I can stand to come out with Phoebe still battling she is really pissing me off with the woe is me saga.  Suppose to be doing dressage tomorrow but not sure if I can be arsed.  Am hiding out hoping mother will not ring expecting me to entertain her – just not up to it today.

S – Good luck with the hiding.

C – Not sure why but Phoebe decided she did not want to go into town, I tried to encourage her to call Sophie but she says she wants to stay in her room.  Most odd, wish I could get to the bottom of what’s up with her. 

S – No worries – Sophie in town with Jamie, Tilly and others.  Hope Phoebe is ok. 

22 February 2013   

S – How are you? Am at my desk – the rest of the household still snoozing. 

L – Lucky them, just back from horses, bloody cold; on my way to clean the enormous town house.  My heart sinks; was hoping to have landed that job so I could tell her to stick it where the sun doesn’t shine.  Only person sleeping is Phoebe.  George and Toby at work.  Have a good day and find out what jobs are going up there so I can apply. 

S – Will look in a minute. 

S – Quite a few admin jobs and a couple of schools admission admin posts that must be a reasonable grade’ as they are quite well paid. 

C – Will take a look.

24 February 2013

C – Very stressful morning trying to get Phoebe out of bed and on the bloody bus.  Lots of shouting and yelling from me.  Toby moaning because I am loosing it to which I reply easy to say when you have had a nice relaxing child free weekend, easy to be calm and collected when it doesn’t affect you – men!!!!! 

S – Don’t worry, have started the book.  We will be millionaires by this time next year.  What time at the house.


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